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                        Map of Paris

Introduction    Beginnings

Chapter 1        The Heart of Paris

Chapter 2        The Latin Quarter and Beyond

Chapter 3        From Scholars to Lovers

Chapter 4        Along the Seine

Chapter 5        Ancient Byways

Chapter 6        Dangerous Times

Chapter 7        Walls and Wars

Chapter 8        An Imperious Queen

Chapter 9        Montmartre

Chapter 10      Montparnasse

Chapter 11      Lost River

Chapter 12      Into the Marais

Chapter 13      Points East

Chapter 14      Onward and Upward

Chapter 15      From the Heights

Chapter 16      Grande Croisée

Chapter 17      Welcoming the World

Chapter 18      Eiffel Tower and Beyond

Chapter 19      Floral Fantasies

Chapter 20      Western Vistas




                        About the Author  

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781538173336  
May 2023 - Cloth 296 pages 6" x 9"

Paris, Secret Gardens, Hidden Places, and Stories of the City of Light

By Mary McAuliffe