“Mary goes where no American writer has gone before. With historical precision and boundless passion, she reveals a Paris we never knew existed.”

– Mark Eversman, publisher Paris Notes

“The work is lively, gracefully written and carefully researched. It provides unusual insights and telling perspectives on the city’s history.”  – Colin Jones, author of Paris: The Biography of a City

“Oh, the places she goes. Visitors to Paris may wish to follow literally in McAuliffe's footsteps and experience history brought to life, but armchair travelers and Parisophiles will similarly be captivated by her descriptions of distinctive Parisian locales and their equally unique denizens.”

– Library Journal

“I found myself wanting to drop everything and book a flight as soon as possible to see for myself the historical treasurers that Mary McAuliffe describes in such an interesting and clear way. She refreshes our memory about the history of France while showing us how and where to detect and appreciate the vestiges of these past events. I love the book."

– Mary Emory, editor-in-chief, Le Magazine, Federation of Alliances Françaises, USA, Inc.

“With an explorer’s zeal and an historian’s expertise, Dr. Mary McAuliffe has unearthed treasures in the world’s most scrutinized and publicized city that have escaped even those of us who have lived in Paris for 40 years. A remarkable feat — an exciting guide for Paris aficionados as well as newcomers.”

                                                                                        – Polly Platt, author of 

French or Foe? and Savoir-Flair!, 211 Tips for Enjoying France and the French

“A guide for those interested in the past of Paris, and how it hides — or surfaces — in the city of today."                – Yvone Lenard, author of The Magic of Provence and Love in Provence

“Reading Paris Discovered was a real pleasure for me... I express my heartfelt remerciements to Mary McAuliffe for all of her research in laying the groundwork for my next trips to Paris.”

– Jane M. Robert, President of Federation of Alliances Françaises, USA, Inc.

Paris Discovered

Explorations in the City of Light

By Mary McAuliffe