Table of Contents

Map of Paris and Key 


A Cathedral for the Ages

Time Traveling

     Paris Y1K 

     Abélard and Héloïse 

     Pathways to the Past

Cascades and Currents

     Lost River 

     Enchanted Canal 

     The King's Water Machine

Small Treasures

     The Oldest House in Paris 

     Hidden Chapel 

     Those Bad Beaumont Boys

Walls and Wars

     Walls of Paris 

     The Maid of Orléans 

     Fearless Jean's Tower

Royal Affairs

     The Headless Saint 

     Town and Crown 

     A Difficult Queen 

     Royal Mysteries

Movers and Shakers

     Henri le Grand 

     Little Giant


     The Divine Miss B 

     Mucha's Maidens

     Prelude to Chopin 

     Victor Hugo's Legacy

First Impressions

     Cradle of Impressionism 

     Forgotten Impressionist 

     The Great Art Heist

Another Revolution

     From Laundry Boat to Beehive 

     Gertrude Stein and Company 

     A Sculptor's Muse


     The Few and the Daring

Peace on Earth

     In Zadkine's Garden 

     Nagasaki Angel 

     A University for Peace

Jazz Age

    American Princess 

     Ox on the Roof 

     An American in Paris

Time Out

     Lilac Café 

     Ice Cream Heaven 

     Flower Bowers

Walking, Running, Shopping

     Viaduc des Arts 

     Promenade Plantée 

     Pen Ultimate 

     Village Saint-Paul 


Down Below

     Passy Cemetery 

     Down a Hidden Staircase

Hands Across the Sea

     Paris, 9/11 

     Statues of Liberty 

     Founding Fathers


Paris Discovered

Explorations in the City of Light

By Mary McAuliffe